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Sochi is not just a favorite resort city, and also a crucial port of Russia, which connects the continent to other bordering countries. The port with the city is linked with Turkey, Ukraine and also other countries. Sochi is really a prime place domestic Russia Vacations.

Sochi offers perfect accommodation and services within the hotels, that are the most effective ones in Russia. Sochi is now even more popular after being chosen as a general host-city for the Winter Olympics 2014. Preparations just for this great event are actually being made. Numerous new hotels and also other constructions are built to accommodate each of the participants and guests of Winter Olympics 2014. Main Olympic Village all means being constructed.

Accommodation in Sochi
As being a popular tourist destination Sochi offers good accommodation for that tourists. Sochi is another city, where numerous festivals are held, one of them Kinotavr International Film Festival. This festival comes about every summer, so numerous famous actresses and actors, directors and musicians arrived at Sochi to get acquainted with the festival.

There are several forms of hotels within the city. Almost all of the hotels are located in the middle of the town, towards the seaside. Some hotels come in the historical section of the city, the rest in a calm area, far from busy city. Wherever the hotels can be found, them all offer perfect accommodation, good services and facilities.

An incredibly comfortable hotel Valentine is found the very center of the city, about 400 meters in the sandy beaches. The place has twenty-seven rooms, that happen to be comfortably equipped and still have all of the necessary amenities. The resort offers different kinds of saunas for that tourists, among them Japanese, Roman yet others.

Sightseeing in Sochi
Various sightseeing tours are organized in Sochi. There are many places in Sochi, that may interest tourists going to the location. It isn't just the stunning sandy beaches that attract tourists from different aspects of the world, but also the sights of Sochi.

Dendrarium and park Riviera are probably the hottest sights from the city. Dendrarium may be the largest subtropical park of Russia, which has been founded in the 19th century. Tourists will dsicover plants of various kinds, that had been brought from different elements of the globe. Riviera Park is amongst the hottest recreational parks of the city. The tourists may large amount of fun there and spend an amazing time.

Fine Arts Exhibition Hall is a great spot to visit, as much collections of artwork are displayed there. There are also numerous other museums in the city, where tourists are able to see many new and interesting things.

Sochi now offers perfect performances within the theaters and concert halls. The best season to the performances could be the end of summer and beginning of autumn.

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